Curriculum Information

We have developed a new curriculum for for Radstock Primary School, based around the principle of learning projects. The planning was originally taken from Cornerstones Curriculum, but has been developed and adapted by Radstock teaching staff, where the children study Science and the foundation subjects through a cross-curricular approach, starting with a memorable experience. Learning is then developed through Engage, where children begin to build their learning; Develop where children build in further knowledge and understanding; ending with an opportunity to apply their learning in a problem solving situation through Innovate and Express.

Children create a branch map to show what they already know, demonstrating their sticky knowledge from prior learning. This is then annotated throughout the learning project, so by the end, children can show the knowledge and understanding they have developed. Knowledge organisers accompany each learning project which children and teachers may refer to throughout the unit as well as the development of Tier 3 vocabulary (vocabulary that is technical, whether it be historical, scientific, geographical etc) which is listed on the knowledge organiser.

 We publish a termly overview for each year group. Please find the overview below. Should you wish to find out more information about our curriculum, see the different curriculum pages from this tab or contact your child's teacher.

Curriculum_Overview_Autumn_2021.pdf .pdf
Curriculum_Overview_Spring_2022.pdf .pdf