Radstock Primary School

Radstock Primary School

Soaring for Success

Sports Premium

At Radstock Primary School, we believe in the importance of sport and P.E. and were the first school in Wokingham to hold the Gold School Games Mark in 2015. We have held it every year for the past four years and were one of the first schools in Wokingham to be awarded the Platinum School Games Mark in 2018. We strive to enable every child to be physically literate, supporting their development as competent, confident and healthy movers. Physical Literacy can be described as the building blocks - confidence, determination, agility, balance, co-ordination, knowledge & understanding - for lifelong participation in physical activity. Sport activity enables children to develop invaluable qualities and transferrable skills such as discipline, teamwork, communication, endurance and ambition, all of which enhance children’s learning both in and out of the classroom and across all areas of the Primary Curriculum.

We believe that sports and extra-curricular clubs play an important part in promoting social inclusion, healthy lifestyle choices and self-confidence.

As a school, we:

  • are committed to equipping every child with the skills and confidence to lead a healthy life
  • provide access to a high quantity and quality of sports during and after school
  • deliver an inclusive curriculum which inspires and engages all children
  • seek opportunities for inter-school and intra-school sporting competitions
  • ensure every child has an equal opportunity to take part in PE and Sport in a manner to suit their ability
  • utilise our sporting facilities effectively
  • aim to develop greater awareness about dangers such as obesity, smoking and other such activities that can have a detrimental impact on health and wellbeing.

We have a rich and varied curriculum and enjoy excellent resources for teaching Primary School PE. Each year group has 2 hours of PE a week – one session is taught indoors and is either dance or gymnastics and the second session is an outdoor lesson where invasion games and striking and fielding games are taught. We have specialist PE teachers and coaches who work with the children and staff to further develop expertise.

Each term we offer an extensive range of extracurricular activities to inspire and motivate our children. 


The government is providing additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding - provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and sport - will be allocated to primary school Headteachers and is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.