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Remote Learning

Please find our Remote Learning and Online Provision document below.

In addition, bits and pieces are being added to the webpage below for families to do. Some are based around learning and are for particular year groups whilst others are more fun activities to do at home and are not age specific.

 Home-Learning Provision January 2021.pdfDownload
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Downloadable lists of things that could be done

 30 day lego challenge.jpegDownload
 Free websites.pdfDownload
 Maths websites.pdfDownload
 Moving websites.pdfDownload
 National Trust 50-things-outdoor-activity-list.pdfDownload
 Non screen activities to do at home.jpegDownload
 Phonic websites.pdfDownload
 Radstock Activity Diary new.docxDownload
 RWInc PARENT FAQs.docxDownload
 Sporting activity ideas.docxDownload
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Learning Project ideas

Below are a series of learning projects for a child to complete - there are 7 weeks worth of activities for a child to complete depending on their year group. 

 Week 1 EYFS.docxDownload
 Week 2 EYFS.docxDownload
 Week 3 EYFS.docxDownload
 Week 4 EYFS.docxDownload
 Week 5 EYFS.docxDownload
 Week 6 EYFS.docxDownload
 Week 7 EYFS.docxDownload
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 Week 1 Y1_2.docxDownload
 Week 2 Y1_2.docxDownload
 Week 3 Y1_2.docxDownload
 Week 4 Y1_2.docxDownload
 Week 5 Y1_2.docxDownload
 Week 6 Y1_2.docxDownload
 Week 7 Y1_2.docxDownload
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 Week 1 Y3_4.docxDownload
 Week 2 Y3_4.docxDownload
 Week 3 Y3_4.docxDownload
 Week 4 Y3_4.docxDownload
 Week 5 Y3_4.docxDownload
 Week 6 Y3_4.docxDownload
 Week 7 Y3_4.docxDownload
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 Week 1 Y5_6.docxDownload
 Week 2 Y5_6.docxDownload
 Week 3 Y5_6.docxDownload
 Week 4 Y5_6.docxDownload
 Week 5 Y5_6.docxDownload
 Week 6 Y5_6.docxDownload
 Week 7 Y5_6.docxDownload
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