School Council

Every class has class council time, when the children are able to put forward their ideas to their School Council representative and to help in some of the decision making, helping to shape our school's development. Each class elects a School Councillor for one year to represent their class views at the School Council meetings.

Our School Council meets regularly, sharing ideas put forward and helping to affect change in a positive way. Minutes are produced and circulated to all classes. The children make a significant contribution to our school. They have great ideas and have a strong sense of ownership and involvement in their school. Our School Council is highly effective and has been involved in decisions about school uniform, the learning environment and the setting up of some new extra-curricular clubs.

The Councillors play a vital role in the daily life of the school and have a responsibility for welcoming all visitors to their classrooms. They explain the learning taking place and the context for the lesson being observed.

Photographs of our reps are in the school hall.