"Teaching is listening, learning is talking." ~ Deborah Meier

At Radstock, we believe the abilities to communicate with others, voice our own opinions confidently and speak eloquently in a range of contexts are essential to success in school and life. With our ever-changing society, it is more important now than ever to be a confident speaker and at our school, we provide children with the opportunities to develop these skills throughout the curriculum and have a high quality education in learning to talk and learning through talk.

Working alongside Voice 21, we have identified key skills that children need to have to be competent speakers and these are taught in a range of exciting and engaging contexts. Whether our children are selling products in a Dragon’s Den pitch, creating their own ‘Attenborough’ style wildlife documentary or debating the fate of Stickman (by Julia Donaldson), they are learning to talk successfully and effectively.

Not only do we feel it is important to teach children to learn to talk, we also believe that children learn most effectively through talk. We encourage talk in all our lessons to allow children to collaboratively discuss ideas, thoughts and judgements. Children take responsibility for their own learning through talk and discover new information in pairs, trios, quads, and a variety of other groupings.

Curriculum Leader: Miss Beaumont