Learning a language is a vital part of being an active member of a diverse, multi-cultural society and provides a gateway to other cultures. Through study, the children learn to express their ideas and thoughts in another language as well as to understand and respond to its speakers, both orally and in writing. This is the first step towards fostering a love of languages and equipping children to potentially study, work and travel in other countries across the globe.

At Radstock Primary School, French is our focus language, with lessons being taught weekly throughout KS2. In addition to this, the children can independently explore their learning further by taking home ‘Le sac Francais’ which contains a collection of engaging resources. There are also language clubs, both during the school day and after school, where the children can build on their knowledge of French and explore another language, German, at their own speed. Our lessons focus on developing the children’s speaking, listening, reading and writing skills; making them aware of more nuanced grammatical features. Children engage with stories and songs, learn to read different texts and present their ideas in French, both in verbal and written contexts.

Our primary aim is for the children to develop a love of learning another language through the above means.

Curriculum Leader: Miss Bell