Christmas Coding Competition 2021


This year was the inaugural running of the Christmas Coding Competition, thought up by and promoted by the school's digital leaders. We had a number of fantastic entries across all year groups, with digital leaders taking responsibility for voting for the best one!


Digital leaders gave scores out of 10 based on creativity, complexity and Christmas-themedness. It was an incredibly close competition, so much so that we had two winning entries with the same score and 3rd place only 4 points behind! This competition was also open to houses as well as individuals, here are the house results:


4th place: Ennis

3rd place: Weir

2nd place: Farah

1st place: Simmonds


Well done to our winning entries, as well as to all who participated in the competition. Thank you as well to the digital leaders for their work.


Below are the winning entries for you to play! We hope you enjoy them!